Friends of the Wisdom Trust - Registration

The Wisdom Trust is a charity registered in England and Wales (No. 1112323). Our sole charitable objective is to help deliver a wider awareness about the important issues facing the future of our planet; i.e. poverty, environment and health.

We also help people learn about hundreds of simple things everyone can do to make a difference, plus we raise money from our members' normal online activity while they're on our website (searching, surfing & shopping, for example) and donate 70% of this fund to support the work of other charities and good causes all over the world

1) ** INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS ** If you're an individual, simply fill in the simple form below to create your login profile, or click herefor some further information about becoming a member.

2) ** ORGANISATIONS ** If you are an officer or official (or any other appropriate representative) of a charity, good cause or other not-for-profit organisation, first click here to send us the details of your organisation, then complete the simple form below to create your login profile. You may, if you wish, also click here for some information about becoming one of our listed organisations.

Click here to log in if you're already signed-up. Or use the form below to get yourself registered now.

* optional information - however, users who do supply these items in full will be rewarded with an additional 50 Fundraising Credits when they first log in, also giving them an extra 5 votes for the two favourite charities.

** PLEASE NOTE ** If you don't know what to put in this box, leave it blank and we'll ask you some more questions in a moment. Your sponsor is the person (or organisation) who first introduced you to The Wisdom Trust. If you know the email address they've registered under on The Wisdom Trust (possibly that's the email address from which they invited you to join The Wisdom Trust), type it into the box above. Or they might have sent you their 7-digit referral code, in which case type that into the box instead.

Finally, you may, if you wish, select one of our listed charities or good causes from list below. All your Wisdom Trust activities (i.e. every time you're awarded a credit through our education programmes), will then benefit that organisation, as well as benefitting the charity or good cause which introduced you (if that's where you heard about us). Please note that if you're registering a new organisation, it won't yet appear on this list - but it will do from then on.


  • Please create a special password to log into your Wisdom Trust/Wisdom For All account. It should between 6-10 characters. (Use letters and numbers if possible and try not to use the password you already use to access your email account).
  • Although, as detailed above, you may choose one of our charities or good causes from the drop-down box to benefit from your activities, this is optional.

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