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Control Stress - Learn How To Relax.

To help control stress, try this relaxation method, which is based on the principles of meditation.

Sit quietly or lie down in a comfortable position. The room should be quiet, clean and cool. Close your eyes but not tightly.

Starting with your feet and slowly progressing up to your face, deeply relax all your muscles, then stay relaxed. Breathe in deeply but gently through your nose and be aware of your breathing.

While breathing out through your mouth, say the word, one (silently to yourself). Clear all other thoughts from your mind and concentrate on saying the word, one.

Carry on for ten or twenty minutes. If you like, you could open your eyes to check the time but don't get up or set an alarm or timer.

When you have finished, continue lying down or sitting quietly for about five minutes, eyes closed at first. Then get up slowly.

Let relaxation occur naturally. Don't force the pace. If a distracting thought comes into your mind, ignore it and again repeat the word, one. Practise this method once or twice a day but not within two hours after a meal, as the process of digestion can affect your success.

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